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Student Comments:

Comments from 8th Graders this year

"Thank you for your educational and inspiring presentation. You taught me much about Pro-Life and I will now think much differently when I hear about abortion. I could tell you knew a lot and were very passionate about this subject. You have inspired me to want to help. I will have a chance to join a Pro-Life Club in high school. If I do it will be because of your inspiring speech."

"The presentation was both fun and educational! I really liked watching the video of many of the students from Philadelphia who went to Washington, D.C. to the March for Life. I didn't realize that so many people my age believe so strongly about pro-life, and it inspired me!"

"Hopefully, one day our world will understand the importance of life. Your talk to our 8th grade class inspired me to become a supporter for the pro-life cause. We must all unite to reach the goal of stopping abortion."

"Your talk truly made me proud to have the parents that I have!"

"It was a real eye-opener!"

Thank you, I learned a lot. I found it ironic that the United States has laws to protect animals but none to protect a human child. The fetal models that you passed around made it easier to understand your point."

Letters from high school students this year

"Once you educate teens as well as adults to the facts of abortion, reform occurs."

"We are the children of Roe - the 'abortion generation.'But we are fighting back - fighting to ensure that our children have a hope for the future."

"As students, we are reaching a crucial point where we have to make decisions about our future. We can see the role we will play in advocating life."

"We are speaking up for those unable to speak for themselves by working to end abortion on demand."

"Thank you for coming to speak to us. Hearing your point of view was very informative for me. It helped me see the details of the argument on the side of this issue that, coming into your lecture, I did not understand at all. I am still not sure I totally agree with the pro-life argument, but I am definitely more open and able to see where wonderful people like you come from. I did not know that many women who get abortions go on to feel regret later in their life. Also, thank you for talking about adoption; that part was especially interesting to me. I hope that you continue to speak to groups of all ages, because I think it is good for people to know what options are out there, so that they can make informed decisions."

"Thank you for coming in and speaking to my class. I really did appreciate hearing your point of view. You really gave me some things to think about. I not only learned new facts, but I learned a new way of looking into things. I learned how an abortion can be mentally damaging. I learned a lot about what someone could do instead of having an abortion, also. I wish the best for you. I hope that you really make a difference in people's lives and I believe that you can. I am glad that you take that time to speak with groups and I hope you continue to do this for a long time. I believe that if you believe in what you say, you can get other people to believe too. Thank you again for your view and information. Sincerely, A student of yours forever,"

"I've never really thought much about being pro-life or pro-choice. I never thought long enough on the topic of abortion. After listening to you, I do agree with what you said. I do believe it is not one person's right to take another one's life away.

I think that by you coming out and talking to us today, not only did you make us think twice about what to do in the first place, but also you made us think of the consequences I'm glad you are pro-life, and I'm happy to see you doing whatever you can to try and influence others.

"It was great to have you as a speaker in my class, I learned many things. I hope that you continue to teach people about pro-life and open other people's eyes like you have mine."


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