Pennsylvanians for Human Life Logo - PHL provides educational information to approximately 35,000 people each year. Pennsylvanians for Human Life Logo - PHL provides educational information to approximately 35,000 people each year.

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Annual Banquet:

An important part of PHL’s educational mission is the sponsorship of an anuual Celebrate Life Banquet. These banquets, as well as the luncheons and conferences which PHL has sponsored, serve three purposes.

1- An opportunity to learn about issues and new developments in the battle to protect human lives.
2- A social event enabling the supporters of PHL and of the right to life in general to meet and recognize that we are not alone and that we are not few.
3- For the Annual Banquet in particular this is an important source of funds for the continuation of PHL’s mission.

These events feature prominent speakers on important pro-life issues. Recent speakers have included Reverend Tadeusz "Father Tad" Pacholczyk, Director of Education and Staff Ethicist, National Catholic Bioethics Center; Robert George, J.D., Ph.D., Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University and a member of President Bush's Bioethics Council; John Haas, Ph.D., President, National Catholic Bioethics Center; Olivia Gans, Director of American Victims of Abortion; Stephen W. Mosher, President, Population Research Institute and Helen Alvare, Law Professor, Catholic University, Columbus School of Law. Earlier years we have heard from William F. Buckley, Ambassador Alan Keyes, J. Everett Koop,M.D., Robert P. Casey, and Bernard Nathanson, M.D.

In recent years attendance at these banquets by PHL members and friends has averaged about 600 persons.

Other educational events sponsored by PHL have featured speakers on specific areas of pro-life activity. Recent such events have included:

  1. Learn how to answer challenging pro-abortion questions with life-affirming answers! by Olivia Gans, Director, American Victims of Abortion, an outreach of the National Right to Life Committee
  2. Understanding the Terry Schiavo situation by Bobby Schindler, Terry’s brother
  3. Ethics of End of Life Care by Monsignor Kevin McMahon, John Cardinal Krol Chair in Moral Theology: St. Charles Seminary and Bunny Dugan, RN, CHPN, Primary Care Nurse, Palliative Care Service.
  4. The Vital Difference that One Person Can Make in the Pro-Life Movement - Olivia Gans
  5. Options and Alternatives Available Today with Ann Downes from Birthright; former PA. State Rep. Stephen Freind; Matt Pinto, Youth Minister; and Karen Cahill from Project Rachel.
  6. Seminar on Assisted Suicide with Denise Malkowiecz, M.D., Neurologist - Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  7. The Art of Friendly Persuasion with Molly Kelly, Founder of the Delaware Valley Pro-Life Alliance and Jean Garton, President of Lutherans for Life and author of WHO BROKE THE BABY.
Images from the February27th, 2007Celebrate Life Banquet


Mary Downing


Patty Crenny and Anita Kelly, Robin Conicella, Jack Kelly, Al Conicella and Ellen Epps



Images from Earlier Celebrate Life Banquets


Madeline and Terry Heaney (past President of PHL)

Madeline and Terry Heaney (President of PHL)

Patrick Kelly accepting award for mom, Molly Kelly from Anita Nardone,

Patrick Kelly accepting award for mom, Molly Kelly from Anita Nardone


Left to Right Peg O’Rourke, former President, Sister Regina Edward Flanagan,IHM (recipient, Margaret Way Hoffner Award), and former PHL President David Portnoe.

Left to Right Peg O?Rourke, former President, Sister Regina Edward Flanagan (IHM recipient, Margaret Way Hoffner Award), David Portnoe, former President





John Haas, Ph.D

John Haas, Ph.D

Pastor Paul Karlberg, Proclamation Presbyterian Church

Pastor Paul Karlberg, Proclamation Presbyterian Church














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