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Anita Hoffner Nardone:

Speaking for PHL was something I felt I wanted to do to promote the pro-life cause. I didn't expect to enjoy the experience as much as I do. The simple, beautiful truth that is PHL's message is generally received with interest, questions and -what is so gratifying to me-awe. I wish I could describe the expressions on the faces as the students watch the development of the baby, or listen to the heartbreaking stories of the victims of abortion. There may not be much verbalization or discussion during some presentations, but many times students will come up to me after a presentation with quiet thanks or enthusiastic, spontaneous remarks about the beauty of life.

On the days I don't feel I have the energy or sharpness to do a good presentation, I am always thankful that the combination of the Lord, my real passion for the cause and the powerful simplicity of the message are all that is needed for a successful presentation.

Mary Ann Corcoran:

When I was 19 years old, I was extremely shy and very afraid to speak to people I did not know well. I was so intimidated by the confidence and the social skills of my co-workers, that I would not even compliment someone on a new outfit or hairdo. But maturity brought me confidence and conviction, and at age 33, I volunteered to speak for a church group on the gifts of marriage. At age 49, I was compelled to address audiences for my job, and at 54, I began to speak as a volunteer for PHL. That was one year ago. I still get nervous before each presentation, but I know that I am communicating a powerful message and that thought mitigates my fear.

The life message IS a powerful message: The knowledge that life begins at conception and ends at natural death, and that no human being has the right to terminate his/her own life or the life of another; the recognition that Life is a Gift! This is the message that PHL has strived to communicate since 1972.

During the past year, I have given seven presentations in grade schools and high schools. I am still very green and new to this task. The first time I give a presentation on a specific level, I study the material and write an outline. The material is not yet a part of me. But the belief that there is a need to speak for life, has become a part of me, and I want to share this message.

The psyche of our beings needs affirmation, and I do get that from the students and teachers when I visit schools. Sometimes I am planting seeds; sometimes I am watering seeds and sometimes I see the fruit of the labors in others.

My regular job is extremely demanding, requiring me to work many nights and some weekends. One advantage is the flexibility at certain times of the month. I am able to volunteer for PHL a few hours one or two days each month, although some months I cannot give any time at all. Training, outlines, and resource material are provided for each level of presentation. Won't you consider becoming a volunteer speaker? The personal inner growth is wonderful, and planting seeds gives hope of the fruits that will grow and feed others.

Katie and Pierce Keating:

Speaking for PHL has been a most gratifying experience. Not only do we feel like we are bringing a much needed and much desired message to the young people, the impact it has made on our own children has been invaluable. It's opened the door for discussion for many life issues in a non-threatening and relaxed manner. Our children are genuinely interested in the response of the kids to whom we speak, and our respective answers to challenging questions. Without intending to, we've set them up for their own answers when confronted with the life issues in their own world. The facts surrounding abortion remain unchanged no matter what the setting, by sheer osmosis (being exposed to the videos as we review them at home, pamphlets left around the house, precious hands and feet pins) our own children, and thankfully many of their friends have embraced the culture of life with open arms.

Brad O'Brien:

There is an increasing array of signs that we pro-lifers are winning. The clearest of these signs is that of the younger generation taking moral stands on abortion, chastity, and other sanctity of life issues.

When we adults were kids we generally believed what we were told and did what we were told. Today's kids don't do that. Faced with a blizzard of confusing and conflicting moral information from the secular media on one side and their parents and teachers on the other they have no alternative but to think for themselves. And they do! And they come out not simply believing but knowing right from wrong.

We PHL speakers can and do take great satisfaction from knowing we are an important part of that thinking process. We are not just another source for the facts these young people think about. Unlike the continuous messages from other sources the PHL speaker represents a kind of booster shot of pro-life thinking material.

The end result of being a speaker for PHL is not just the personal but very real gratification of doing something useful and welcomed but also the recognition of being part of a morality upgrading process that is actually working.


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