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Planned Parenthood:

» PPFA’s and IPPF’s organizational ties to the eugenics movement did not end with Sanger’s death.
In 1997, PPFA identified its “core clients” as “young women, low-income women, and women of color” - typical eugenic targets.

» PPFA promotes family planning and abortion for the poor as cost-saving measures. Eugenicists have always argued that, if the poor and “unfit” were to have fewer children, the country would save money.

» PPFA offers prenatal testing to determine if the child has genetic defects. Then a “search and destroy” abortion can be performed.

» PPFA is the largest abortion provider in the nation and the most prominent abortion promoter in the world. Its clinics perform 11% of the total abortions in the US (153,367 abortions in 1996) and refer for another 55,000.

6% of PPFA’s revenue comes from its clinics; another 34% comes from government grants and contracts.

In its 1998-1999 fiscal year, The PPFA annual report states $176.5 million was received in government grants and contracts.

75% of that comes from the federal government and the remainder from state and local governments.

PPFA reported in its Annual Report that it currently has net assets totaling $536.3 million.

It increased its net assets by $131.5 million in just one year.

According to the 1998-1999 annual report, affiliates of the PPFA performed 167,928 abortions in 1998, an increase of nearly 3,000 over 1997.

In addition to being the nation’s largest abortion performer, Planned Parenthood is also the nation’s leading abortion promoter.

Among the activities touted in its 1998-99 annual report are:

» filing 10 lawsuits against state bans on “certain abortion procedures” (partial-birth abortion) and getting permanent injunctions in seven states (AZ, FL, KY, MT, NJ, and VA) and restraining orders in two other cases

» obtaining an injunction against a Montana law requiring parental involvement in a minor’s abortion decision and a 24-hour waiting period

» lobbying members of Congress to get them to change their votes on abortion services for military personnel overseas and to vote against the Child Custody Protection Act

» fighting w/ Congress to restore funding to “family planning” programs-nationally (Title Ten) and internationally

PPFA doesn’t detail how much it spent strictly on abortion advocacy or advertising. However, its budget indicates it spent $20.3 million on “public policy” in the 1998-99 fiscal year and an additional $30.9 on fund-raising (fund-raising ads and appeals are often more advocacy than they are pleas for money).

PPFA reports that within four months of launching its teen website,, it received “nearly 100,000 visits a month and 300 sex-related questions each week.” This is the website that recently offered the following advice to teens concerning their parents and sex:

“Your job now is to start paying attention-take the useful, smart stuff you’ve learned from your folks and kick the crap to the curb.”

Seeing this on PPFA’s website certainly points up the insincerity of Planned Parenthood’s highly touted programs facilitating “parent-child communication.”

Discuss why abortion services differ from medical services and the aftermath of abortion.


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